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Spiderling Spiderling

Rated 1 / 5 stars

You have a great premise hear, but the playability with the controls and the string are awful.

Cavern Cavern

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

For how easy the first 6 puzzle were, to all of a sudden be thrown a curve ball with the 7th one makes this game feel really disjointed.

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D-Pression D-Pression

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I always enjoy a game that's simple to grasp as a concept and proves to be difficult in execution. Your game is difficult in execution over a particular concept that I failed to recognize until I saw you mention it in a comment, and once I understood actually made it extremely easy to beat the game again (5 minutes instead of an 45): friction. Even with the word tip, I felt accomplished to be forced to try and find another way to play through to beat certain levels, and made it a more enjoyable experience.

My critique would be although once I learned how to do this (with the infamous empty level with the goal in the top right corner), I could actually do it to most of the other levels in the same design when I played again, and it felt like I was easily able to abuse the game play. Otherwise, this was a very atmospheric and worthwhile game. I feel if you're going to go with the concepts of depression and shadows, that you should elaborate and include more detail in an expansion or sequel, otherwise it's a bit too light to do anything with it.

Cheers, hope you do well in the contest.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

YAY, thanks for such a good and honest review!

I agree with most of what you said here. Simple yet difficult is often a good formula. Yes, I know that as of now, this game lacks some replayability. And the tip about using friction can be very helpful indeed. I of course, since I am the developer, can beat every single level in at least two ways, haha XD
And I'm also aware that one can, as you said "abuse" the game at certain points using similar techniques. However, there are many more ways you can abuse the technical parts of the game to make the puzzles easier. And even if you couldn't do this, you would remember the solutions to most of the puzzles you've already compleated anyway :'D. But I'd like to point out that a part of the game is meant to be more "physical" (it's kind of a personal reference, about something that should remain private). I didn't have time to do this, because of the deadline, but I'm currently editing in more text (story) into every level, which will both keep it more interesting, as well as help with the theme!

Thanks again for the review :3